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I'm back

October 19th, 2012 + 10:10 AM  ·  dodosito

Hello my friends,

I just came back to say hello and see (and listen) what's new aroud here. I'll be glad to find my old friends and make some others


My dad

April 22nd, 2008 + 1:04 AM  ·  dodosito

My father was born in August 30, 1951 and he died few days ago, April 17, 2008

He was a great man, husband, father and grandpa. We miss him, he made a great family, always keeping and teaching us how to be good persons.

He gone quickly, and he never showed pain, he gave us peace 'cause he was in peace with God.

We are trying to pass it by, his memory is helping us to be fine

We'll never forget you dad, we love you


13 months

October 2nd, 2006 + 8:10 PM  ·  dodosito


i don't think so...

I came today to Bandamp and I saw the promised new version of it.

It's nice, I have to change my routines but, doesn't matter

I'm back

October 19th, 2012 + 10:10 AM  ·  dodosito

Hello my old friends, I'm back, and I bring you some music of my last (and only) gig. As you know, I'm the bassman

I'm glad to see you again


The princess, the rocker and the dragoon

June 15th, 2008 + 11:06 PM  ·  dodosito

A nice tale with different versions according the rock style. Please supose the next situation

At the top of a castle, there's a beautiful princess, who is guarded by a dragoon

what will do the rocker in every case?

  • Power metal

The protagonist arrives at the castle in a winged white horse, escapes of the dragoon, saves the princess, they go away far and they make the love.

  • True Metal
The protagonist arrives at the castle and overcomes to the dragoon in a battle using his sword. Bathed in the blood of the dragoon, he does with the princess.

  • Thrash Metal
Therocker arrives at the castle, fights rabidly with the dragoon, saves from the princess and he finish fast.

  • Heavy Metal
The protagonist arrives at the castle in a Harley Davidson, kills the dragoon, drink many beers with the princess and they do it later.

  • Death Metal
The rocker arrives, kills the dragoon, make it with the princess, he bush her and he goes away.

to be continued...

Gig myths

January 15th, 2008 + 8:01 AM  ·  dodosito

Hello ampers! happy new year

I was reading the tostedgoat's review about his gig and he inspired me to write this lines about the "gig myths".

Sometimes doesn't matter where you are, the gigs have a special magic and, of course, many myths behind. We've seen the documental videos of our favorite artist and when we gig we want to live similar things, unfortunatelly, for the simple mortals as us, not always happen as it suppossed to.

so here are a part of those myths:

Myth #1: The musician just do music for the gig

False!! The musician always have stuff inconveniences, and must solve it just before the show. Could be the chords, the electric power, the monitores or something else.
If you think you'll arrive to the gig just to play music, sorry you're wrong.

Myth #2: You can't play under the rain
False too! Some years ago I was playing in a gig, and suddenly started to rain as I never imagine. I turn my head to see my band mates and I could read "what the heck" in his faces. We keep playing, the audience keep on dancing-jumping-singing and anybody of the 1,000 get hurt by an electrical discharge.
The damage is in the chords, not in the amp systems. You may get a cold, but even if don't rain

What myth you want to develate??


interactive webradio

September 4th, 2007 + 5:09 PM  ·  dodosito

I'm tired of those webpages who offer web radio but you have to pay receiving commercial spots in between songs.

For example I used to listen from yahoo music to pandora all s&/)ks

but none gaves me a "full experience" about my moods, even when I created a profile.

I just downloaded the Firefox Campus, with three mini extensions to make the life easier: Stumble, Zotero and FoxyTunes. (download it as fast as you can)

In the first one I found and it's a real interactive webradio,
I'm very happy because I just have to choose the genre and my mood and just listen the recomendations or surf to check what's related, very simple

you can buy the song if you wish at Itunes and ebay

My favorites are rock, metal and reggae

I hope you like it,

to finish this post: think in a number between 0 and 9999 and see what makes it special in

go to firefox and upgrade your web experience, BTW I recommended Bandamp



July 4th, 2007 + 6:07 PM  ·  dodosito

hello ampers

you must visit this site

this lady reccomended it!

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